We deliver as promised and some of our previous users agreed to use their testimonies here. These are real people that got really lucky and their contact became a life-changing encounter.

My name is Gary and I met someone through ozconnect that transformed my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity given to meet Sam in person. My home was fully paid for by my sugarmom and it's still looks like a dream to me.

I didn't actually believed in this sugarmummy thing until I found myself drawn into a life of wealth and pleasure with a client from ozconnect. She's very caring and sociable that we decided to make it permanent. Life can't be better.

Lauren here and saying a big shout out to ozconnect for making a foreign student's dream come true. I was a bit skeptical but glad I went ahead and no regrets today. My sugardad treats me like a daughter and gave me unrestricted access to cash.

Thanks to Ozconnect for giving me a sugardad that made me financially indepedent today. We cruise in his powerful yacht and am having the best time of my life.

Found a sugarmom from Ozconnect and we relocated to the Bahamas where I have been living a dream life. She paid off all my debts in Sydney and I just enjoy life now.

Life in Hongkong was tough during the demonstrations until ozconnect found me a sugarmom who got me out and we've been cruising exotic islands. Now I am rich.